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2 Units of IVECO Water Truck to Peru

2 Units of IVECO Water Truck to Peru
Apr 13 ,2022

2 Units of IVECO Water Truck to Peru

IVECO Water Tank Truck

Water tank truck also called water spray truck, water tank truck, water bowser, water tank cart, mobile water truck, water carrying truck, water sprinkler truck etc.

IVECO Water Truck

IVECO Brand water tank lorry with non-toxic treatment inside tank. It adopts advanced technology of both domestic and overseas.The material could be carbon steel, stainless steel.

Water Sprinkler Truck

Full rang of accessories optinal: water sprayer, sprinkler, water cannon.
Water Lorry

Thanks very much our value clients trust with our CSC truck

Water Tank Truck

This water tank truck suitable for road cleaning, dust depression and trees spray.

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