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6 units ISUZU Fire Fighting Trucks to Asia

6 units ISUZU Fire Fighting Trucks to Asia
Oct 25 ,2022

6 units ISUZU Fire Fighting Trucks to Asia

Fire fighting truck

Fire fighting truck also called Fire fighting tanker, water tank fire truck, fire fighting engine, fire extinguishing water truck, water foam fire fighting truck etc.

ISUZU Brand Fire Truck

The isuzu brand, one of the best heavy-duty and light-duty chassis manufacturers in China. isuzu has developed very well in Asia and got outstanding achievements in recent years.

Pump Station locates at the rear of the truck. It’s equipped with operation instruction panel which will be used to monitor working conditions and pump operation.

ISUZU Fire Truck

This Fire truck equipped with ISUZU chassis, ISUZU engine with120HP and CSC superstructure, 2,000 liter water tank, CB10/30 fire pump, PS30 fire monitor, Marks on all operation buttons, with pipeline layout and operation/maintenance illustration. Dashboard lays upper-left in the pump room with RPM/Vacuum/water pressure/liquid level indicator and lighting/valves control switches.

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