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6x4 SINOTRUK HOWO Freezer Cooling Van Box Truck

Refrigerator truck

6x4 SINOTRUK HOWO Freezer Cooling Van Box Truck

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Truck Description:


Technical Specification:

6x4 SINOTRUK HOWO Freezer Cooling Van Box Truck


Production Time

Brand New (Manufacture as per order)

Vehicle Brand


Chassis Brand



6x4, Left Hand Drive

Overall Dimension (mm)

Approx.: 9500/9800/10400x2560x4000 mm

Gross Vehicle Weight (kg)

25,000 kg

Curb/Net Weight (kg)

9,950 kg

Chassis Parameters


Seat Capacity

2 seats and sleeper


Original A/C


Fuel Type


Engine Brand

SINOTRUK Turbo Engine

Power (HP/KW)

336 HP

247 KW

Displacement (ml)

9726 ml

Emission Standard

Euro 2


Gear Box

SINOTRUK manual gear box, 10 forward speed & 2 reverse

Wheelbase (mm)

4325/4600/5200+1350 mm


Air Brake

Tire Specification


Tire No. (pcs)

10+1 pcs

Freezer Van Structure Parameters

Box Dimension

7000/7300/7900*2300*2500 mm

Box Material

Fiberglass with polystyrene insulation board between, aluminum alloy edge cover. Stainless steel lock and hinge.

Single side door.

Refrigeration Unit

US Carrier; US Thermo King; Top Chinese brand etc




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