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Aerial work truck maintenance

Trucks Introduction
Aerial work truck maintenance

Aerial work truck maintenance

1.Visual appearance, to determine the shape is good, whether the hydraulic components and piping leaks oil traces, if any leakage, the timely replace seals.

2.Check the key components and fasteners loose coupling, and timely fastening.

3.According to the lubrication sheet lubrication requirements for all components, check the hydraulic oil tank.

4.Check the hydraulic hoses for wear, loose connections or oil leakage. In particular, especially on the pipeline.

5.Check all welding point of aerial platform truck, especially bucket; arm, turntable, and other key parts of the weld rod have hairline cracks or cracks. If so, you should immediately stop  and inform using the company's maintenance notice, are not allowed to weld personally .


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