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Truck operation cautions


Garbage compactor truck cautions

Truck operation cautions
Garbage compactor truck cautions

Garbage compactor truck operation cautions as follow:

1. The PTO must be disconnected in driving to make the accelerator work in driving status.

2. Before driving the compactor garbage truck, it is required to turn off the power switch in the special device operation panel in the cab to ensure that the electric system is not burnt out by the surge voltage in driving.

3. The working pressures of the hydraulic valve and the pressure relay have been set in the factory and may not be adjusted or changed at will.

4. The blocked hydraulic filter shall be timely cleaned or replaced.

5. When the hydraulic system is working, the stop valve at the outlet of the hydraulic system oil tank shall be in full open position. The valve is closed only in maintenance of hydraulic pipeline to prevent overflow of hydraulic oil.

6. To repair under the lifted filler, the filler must be raised by a jack stay and the internal maintenance is allowed only in case of safety.

7. If the sliding plate oil circuit shall be removed for repair, the sliding plate shall be descended to the bottom to prevent sudden falling of the sliding plate from hurting people.

8. The PTO  must be out of gear, the engine must be flame out and the oil pump must stop working before working in the filler and the carriage to avoid safety accidents.

9. Do not spray the water to the electrical elements or oil tank air intake directly when washing the truck.

10. Pay attention to sanitation and hygiene in disassemble of the hydraulic system.

11. The sliding block nylon guide rail with the wearing clearance greater than 8mm shall be timely replaced after long-term use of the garbage truck.


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