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Road sweeper truck operation principle

Trucks Introduction
Road sweeper truck operation principle

Road sweeper truck operation principle:

The secondary engine and the fan are the two core components of the road sweeper truck. The auxiliary engine provides power for the operation of fan, so that the road waste is sucked into the interior of the car to achieve the road cleaning. The sweeping plate realizes the function of lifting and outward stretching by hydraulic pressure. The hydraulic motor drives to from a high-speed rotation, sweeping the garbage from the outside to the bottom of the vehicle, and the garbage baffle prevents the garbage from leaking out, and the rear suction nozzle sucks the garbage stored inside. A circular water spray frame is arranged above the sweeping disc, and the water mist is generated by the electric diaphragm pump, and the dust is sprayed during the cleaning.

The three heights of the nozzle wheel of the road sweeper truck can be adjusted to ensure a reasonable gap between the nozzle and the surface, so as to achieve a more effective suction. The nozzle is provided with a water spray device to play the role of secondary dust reduction.

The cab of the road cleaning truck is equipped with electro- hydraulic control box, which control allows all operation of the sweeper to be completed in the driving.The electro- hydraulic control box can quickly operate the lifting and rotating of the left and right sweeping disc. It is also possible to operate the lifting and lowering of the suction nozzle, the opening and closing of the rear door of the dustbin, the dumping of the dustbin, and etc.

In addition to the sweeping function, CNCSC road cleaning truck also can be equipped with a front flush, a snow shovel, a rear spray, a green cannon, etc to achieve a multi-purpose vehicle.

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