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Sewage Suction Truck Maintenance

Trucks Introduction
Sewage Suction Truck Maintenance

Sewage Suction Truck Maintenance as follow:

1.This sewage vacuum truck equip with German water-ring vacuum pump.exhaust water and replace as antifreeze fluid in water tank and pump when the temperature is under 0 degree.observe the number of vacuum meter,if the indicator rising continuous means that the feed pipe was blocked, indicator didn’t rise means that air leak in somewhere.  

2.Clean the alarm device on the top of tank every month,especially valve seat and wire.

3.Clean the inside every 6 month and add grease because the dirt make it is difficult to close the tank door after long-term using.

4.This system use #20 hydraulic oil also can replace with #20 motor oil.(use #20 low-pour hydraulic oil in winter)

5. Strictly filter when add hydraulic oil, the filter precision is not less than 50μm. Test run 30 minutes and exhaust the air in system after topping up the oil tank as mark. Regular replace the oil every 4-6 month if left stains when the hydraulic oil dropped to blotter paper, dirty oil is allowed to use after regenerating. Normal oil temperature is 30-80℃.


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