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Truck operation cautions


Sprinkler truck maintenance in low temperature

Truck operation cautions
Sprinkler truck maintenance in low temperature

Sprinkler truck maintenance in low temperature:

1、When starting, pay attention to moderate heat:it is a good habit to start a moderately hot truck before starting the car. First idle for about 1 minute, then let the car run slowly for a long distance. The long-term in-situ hot car will increase fuel consumption; Operating the air conditioner at idle seed consumes fuel in particular.

2.When driving, pay attention to gentle refueling, and avoid stepping on the throttle. Cooling system, check the water tank, water pump and belt, water pipe, water supply tank and other components regularly in low temperature weather, especially for suction pump. If there is damage or malfunction, it is best to promptly, repair or replace.

3.Avoid low-speed at high-speed driving: sprinklers should avoid low-speed at high-speed driving, in addition to easy to lose grip, the engine speed is too high, it will be a little”only drink oil does not walk”.

4.Chassis: it is best to take some time before the cold weather to give the chassis a rust-proof treatment. Due to the low gravity of chassis, the flying tires will smash the snow with high salinity onto the chassis, which is easy to rust. The battery is most afraid of low temperature. The battery capacity in the low temperature is much lower than normal. The electrolyte of the battery should be supplemented to adjust the specific gravity of the electrolyte. At the same time, clean the battery terminals and apply special grease to protect them. If the water truck is not used for a few weeks in the open air, the battery should be removed and stored in a warmer room to prevent the battery from freezing.

5.Special sprinkler pump: when the weather temperature is below zero, the residual water in the tank, pump and pipeline should be drained to prevent the sprinkler from freezing and cracking. There is a manual drain valve at the lower end of the sprinkler pump, when used again, close the sprinkler water discharge valve and add a certain amount of water to use.

Multifunction water sprinkler truck

multifunction water sprinkler truck


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