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Water truck maintenance

Trucks Introduction
Water truck maintenance

Water truck maintenance:

1.Check often the connections of water pathway and the tightness of the hoses and switches. If leakage occurs, repair the parts or replace them.

2.Check often the mounting positions of the water tank truck, pump pedestal and brackets. All screw nuts should be tightly fixed to secure the connections.

3. Pay attention the connection between PTO and the water pump which should be securely connected and function properly. If oil leakage spotted in the PTO or water pump, replace the seal gasket.

4.The water pathway does not bear any anti-frozen devices so it is highly recommended that the pump, tank and water pathway should be fully drained after operation in cold area when the temperature is below zero degree. Close the draining plug of the pump to ensure insulation from cold air or problem will occur in pump operation afterwards.

5.The fluid should not be excessively dirty to protect the seal gaskets and prolong service life. When in operation ball valves should be fully open to avoid deformation of the seal gaskets.

6.Filter gauze shall be cleaned often to avoid blocking and decreasing in the water flow.

7.Wooden or rubber cushion is fitted between the tank and chassis. The U-bolts will become loose due to deformation of the cushion after operations. So the U-bolts should be routinely tightened especially for new water truck.

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