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Chusheng heavy duty tow truck series, 8T Howo tow truck

Chusheng heavy duty tow truck series, 8T Howo tow truck
Apr 25 ,2021

Chusheng heavy duty road tow truck series, 8T Howo tow truck

As the leader of China wrecker truck, Hubei Chusheng Vehicle Co., Ltd. has formed six series of wrecker, namely "micro, light, medium, heavy, sedan and imported". The high-end, middle end and low-end products can meet the needs of customers in all directions.

I'm here to bring you a heavy-duty wrecker, Sinotruk HOWO plate tow truck - -CSC5187TQZZ6 wrecker.

This truck adopts the chassis of heavy truck HOWO, which is designed and manufactured by the brand-new. It has a half row cab, beautiful and generous appearance, aggressive, air bag seat, constant speed cruise, air brake, and everything. The four valve WP4.6NQ220E61 engine of heavy truck HOWO, 220hp, sufficient power, powerful, HOWO 10 gear transmission, strong sense of operation, fast shift response, and improves your driving pleasure .


Upper structure: super long flat, solid and reliable.

The total length of HOWO flat plate tow truck is about 7.6m. It is equipped with reinforced cross beam, 8mm pattern plate, double side linkage operation device, 8t hydraulic winch, imported sea battle force oil cylinder, Hyde multi way valve, stainless steel toolbox door, and auxiliary trailer tools, such as auxiliary wheel, chain hook, brake plate, strap, towing fork, etc.

The rear end of the wrecker is equipped with an 8t rear towing telescopic arm, which can tow and tow medium and large trucks, realizing the purpose of one truck towing two.


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