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Flat Truck 40T Shacman

Flat bed truck

Flat Truck 40T Shacman

Flat transporter, also known as construction machinery transport truck, flat vehicle and low flat transport truck, is mainly used to transport some non detachable objects like excavators, loaders and harvesters. Flat transporter is a common large-scale truck in our life. It is widely used in factories, construction sites and other large-scale production or engineering sites. Its strong bearing capacity makes it play an important role in the process of economic development.

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Truck Description:

Flatbed transporter is also called flatbed trailer, bulldozer transporter truck, excavator transporter truck, flatbed transporter, Hooker transporter, excavator flatbed, excavator trailer, digger trailer, digger pallet truck, Hooker flatbed trailer, etc.


1. The adoption of high elastic solid tire can enhance the load-carrying capacity and service life of the flat truck, and reduce the damage to the goods caused by vehicle bumping and limping during driving.

2. The double suspension rotary support can adjust the balance and stability of the flat vehicle by itself.

3. The pin shaft material of each joint is made of alloy steel and processed by special treatment;

4. The design is reasonable and I-beam is used to increase the bearing capacity and improve the stability of the whole flat transporter.

40T Excavator Carrier Truck

Truck description

GVW (kg)


Kerb weight (kg)



dimension (mm)







Flat bed dimension(mm)






Number of axles


Allowable Passengers in cab



10 speed

Wheel base(mm)


Real alxe




Tire specification


Flat bed description


Checkered plate





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