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Shacman fuel truck export to Mongolia

Shacman fuel truck export to Mongolia
Dec 10 ,2020

Shacman fuel truck export to Mongolia

Chusheng brand fuel truck exported to the Mongolia. Customized fuel vehicles according to customer requirements, the refuller is installed in the rear of the tank.

This fuel truck use Shacman chassis, Euro II engine is suitable for Mongolian oil. Shacman is very solid, which is suitable for the harsh weather and road conditions in Mongolia.

The fuel tank body structure is elliptical cross-section, using high-quality steel plate. The whole tank is divided into multiple departments. There are through holes at the upper and lower ends of the middle partition plate, and there are manhole in the middle. Each bin is separated by a welded reinforced anti wave partition plate to reduce the impact of oil in the tank body when the fuel truck is driving, improve the strength of the tank body, and prevent rust corrosion on the surface of the tank body and oil spillage.


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