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Chusheng Vehicle Group Co., Ltd.

Chusheng Vehicle Group Co., Ltd is a national key special-purpose vehicle manufacturing enterprise with independent research and development, design, manufacturing and sales, import and export trade services of special-purpose vehicles under CRRC Urban Traffic Co., Ltd. The company was founded in September 2002, and reorganized in December 2018 with CRRC Urban Traffic Co., Ltd to establish Hubei Chusheng Vehicle Co., Ltd. In June 2021, the company carried out group transformation and is now renamed as Chusheng Vehicle Group Co., Ltd. The company is located in Suizhou National High-tech Industrial Park, which is the “hometown of Yandi Shennong”, and the “hometown of Chime Bells”, and the “capital of China's special-purpose vehicles”. It is a high-tech enterprise in Hubei Province.

The company covers a total area of 700,000 square meters and building area of 270,000 square meters. The company has around 1,000 employees, among which 70 are engaged in technology research and development with more than 60 technical patents. It has strong R & D technology capabilities.

The main products are six major series of products including tank trucks, wrecker trucks, construction dump trucks, urban sanitation trucks, fire trucks, and vans, as well as products in X subdivisions such as refrigerated trucks, livestock transport trucks, and pressure vessels. We will also expand in two major categories of superior products as military products and emergency rescue series.

 It has built specialized production plants of each series of products, with special production qualifications of regular pressure tanks, fire trucks, and pressure vessels of hazardous chemicals. The company has more than 400 sets of advanced special purpose vehicle production and testing equipment, which can produce 30,000 special purpose vehicles each year.

The company's fuel tank trucks and liquid supply trucks are among the best in the country. The sales volume of fuel tank trucks have ranked first in the industry for more than ten years, and the sales of liquid supply trucks have ranked first in the country in the past three years. The sales volume of road wreckers, aerial platform trucks, and compactor garbage trucks ranks among the top three in China. The sales volume of blasting equipment transport trucks and gas cylinder transport vehicles ranks top ten in China. The sales volume of other products is also increasing steadily in the domestic market segment.

During the 14th Five Year Plan period, relying on CRRC Urban Traffic Co., Ltd’s advantages in terms of brand, technology and resources, the company will use new investment to expand industrial scale, technology innovation, production line upgrading and investment incubation of high-quality products, so as to lead the high-quality development of the special vehicle industry. And build Chusheng vehicle group into a leading domestic special vehicle technology innovation base and demonstration base, and realize the scale of 10 billion special vehicle industry in five years.


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