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  • We sincerely welcome your inquiries and good solutions

    Thank you for visiting our website,we hope you have a good time to find the products you need.We sincerely welcome your inquiry to contact us at any time. Moreover,once you have questions and puzzles when operating truck, you may also communicate with us at any time to find good ...

  • How to operate the fire gun of fire fighting truck

    Firstly,Work as the procedures of water supply and water discharge operating instruction to make the water in pump with a certain pressure. Second,Aim at the scene of fire and adjust angle of fire gun. Third.Open value of bottom of fire gun. You may adjust the handle to achieve the jets,blossom and ...

  • How to handle fire reel and middle pressure gun of fire appliance

    Take out medium pressure gun, pull the hose out to the required length,open the coil to enter the valve,aim at the fire and pull the trigger, you may adjust the gun properly to obtain the effect of spray or water column.

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