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Vaccine Transport Truck

Vaccine Transport Truck

Vaccine Transport Truck

Vaccine Transport Truck used for transporting frozen fish, meat, chicken, duck, fresh vegetable and vaccinum etc.

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Cream/Meat/Fruit/Vegetable/Food/Fish/Vaccine Freezer Transport Refrigerator Truck


1. Purpose: It used for transporting frozen fish, meat, chicken, duck, fresh vegetable and vaccinum etc.

2. Main parts: Refrigerating unit and control system.

3. Features: International chassis brand and International refrigerating unit brand for optional.

Vaccine Transport Truck  

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Vehicle model





Emissions standards

Emissions standards



Rated Power(kw/rpm)


Internal size


The material

Inside and outside: glass steel plate, sandwich: polyurethane board (≥40kg/m3)

Packing case


Front plate, back plate, left and right plate: more than 80mm, top plate, bottom plate: more than 100mm

The framework

The upper and lower frames and front columns are aluminum profiles or stainless steel

Open the door form

Double rear door, passenger side single side door

The refrigeration unit

Brand and Specifications

American Cold King /SV400

Refrigeration requirements

Minimum temperature: -18

The optional features

No backup electricity, no heating


Protective device

Side protection: comply with GB11567.1; Rear protection: according to GB11567.2

Door lock and folding

Choose stainless steel material

Lamps and lanterns

Adopt LED seal lamp, lampshade need to glue seal

Rear pedal

Aluminum alloy pedal


1. Install T-shaped aluminum guide rail and patterned anti-collision plate (300mm height) /

2. All around are equipped with ventilation grooves, and both sides of the side plates are equipped with two stainless steel grooves for goods

3. Temperature recorder

4. Install side curtain and rear curtain

special performance

Corrosion protection

Cargo box should meet 504 hours of salt spray test (including connecting bolts, welding points, paint surface corrosion resistance).                

In the rain

The rainfall intensity is 5mm ~ 7mm/min, and there is no water inflow and leakage after 30min test.


Under the condition that the pressure difference between inside and outside the compartment is 100± 10Pa, the air leakage ratio is less than or equal to 6.3L /h

Heat insulation

The average wall temperature of the carriage is 293K ~ 298K, and the total heat transfer coefficient K is less than or equal to 0.5

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