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30units Compactor garbage truck export to Venezuela.

30units Compactor garbage truck export to Venezuela.
Sep 27 ,2018

CNCSC truck exported 30units self-developed compression garbage trucks toVenezuela, with 8CBM, 12CBM, and 16CBM. The large volume of orders and high technological content has formed a greater influence on the export market of special vehicles.

compression garbage trucks

compression garbage trucks

CNCSC garbage compactor truck advantages:

1. With bi-directional compression technology, compression ratios is up to 1:2.5, and household waste can be compressed to more than 600kg/m³.

2. The main component fillers waste bins and push shovels are made of Q345A high-strength manganese steel, with a solid structure, light weight, high rigidity and good strength. The bins and fillers are sealed with high-quality imported rubber strips, with a good sealing and long service life.

3.Garbage box use design of no skeleton circular arc, the layout is reasonable and beautiful. In order to prevent the filler dropped out because of cylinder pipe sudden burst, increase the safety of use, the lift system of hydraulic is equipped with a two-way hydraulic lock that ensures safety. The programmable integrated controller is selected in sequence, and the control circuit is generated in the programmable controller. The external connection is only line, which reduces the failure rate.


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