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Truck operation cautions


Truck with crane safety operation

Truck operation cautions
Truck with crane safety operation

Safety Rules for Truck With Crane Operation:

1.When working in a cold season, the engine and hydraulic system should be warmed up sufficiently. When the PTO is engaged,  the oil pump should run idly for 2 minutes or more under the idle speed of the truck. Each movement of the crane should run with no load at least once.

2.The crane should not be used in bad weather or near the HV wire.

3.When working in the night, there should be enough lighting in the working place to make sure a safe operation. 

4.Crane should work in a place with slope or out-of-flatness. Stow-wood should be used under the outrigger when working on a soft ground.

5.Before working, open the locking pin of the outrigger, extend the movable outrigger horizontally, try the best to keep the crane at horizontal state. Addition 60mm is appreciated after the outrigger contacting the ground, but avoid making the front wheels get out of the ground.  

6.The crane should be operated in a balanced way by a smooth operation of the multi-way valve. Sudden up or down should be avoided for the safety of people and equipment.
7.During lifting, when the load leaves the ground, please do not extend the boom or lower the load through boom cylinder to prevent the risks aroused by increasing the lifting moment.

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