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CRRC Ambulance will be used in Taiyuan

CRRC Ambulance will be used in Taiyuan
May 10 ,2021

CRRC Ambulance will be used in Taiyuan

Recently, Taiyuan Emergency Center decided to purchase 45 types of ambulances including CRRC protection and monitoring type negative pressure ambulances, women and children monitoring type ambulances, and ordinary ambulances.

Provide a strong force for building the "line of defense of life"

"CRRC Speed" will walk with you and protect you comprehensively!

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During the critical period for the prevention and control of the new crown epidemic last year, CRRC quickly assembled its "hard core forces" and organized more than 100 core backbones to set up scientific research teams to fight day and night. On the premise of ensuring safety and respecting science, it took less than a month. Within a short period of time, CRRC's first negative pressure ambulance came into being to provide strong support for the battlefield against the epidemic


1.Beautiful and atmospheric, comfortable to use, low energy consumption, strong power, low noise, good durability, easy maintenance, etc.

2. It adopts a load-bearing structure, a high-rigidity chassis is integrally cast, and is equipped with single-opening and double-opening doors, with high safety, complete equipment, and convenient and quick patient transfer.

3. Professional rescue systems such as aluminum alloy stretcher platform, shovel stretcher, rail folding infusion stand, etc. are all available, easy to operate, easy to transport, and can better assist medical staff in rescue operations.

4. The most "core" medical compartment of the vehicle has the characteristics of isolation, anti-corrosion, ventilation, and bacteria resistance; its top-mounted negative pressure system can be oriented to guide the negative pressure airflow to effectively prevent the virus from spreading again and achieve "dripping water."

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