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Dongfeng Rescue Road Wrecker Truck

Road wrecker truck

Dongfeng Rescue Road Wrecker Truck

Rescue Road Wrecker Truck is special truck equipped with road rescue emquipment. It is used for transport motor vechicles or broke car. The crane can help load the broke truck.
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 Truck Description:

Rescue Road Wrecker Truck is often used for tow the broke vechie and transportation to fix it. Generally, a crane component is mounted to a truck, so that you can load and unload easily. This is great for people who are looking to maximize their current fleet for a wider variety of jobs.


1:Road wrecker truck mounted 3.5tons crane.Easy for loading.

2:Cummins engine,super powerful,reliable performance.

3:Best lift-to-weight ratio in the industry.

4:The wide outrigger span ensures the best stability in all mounting situation.

5: The standard package includes 2 working lights to ensure safe operation, day and night.

6: Optionally available is an over-load protection system to ensure safe crane operation.

7: XCMG produces according to European Quality Standards to ensure the best reliability, performance, and safety in the industry.

Key Words:

Rescue Road Wrecker Truck (also called wrecker tow truck, mobile crane truck, knuckle boom crane, lorry loading crane, truck with crane) is type of equipment for lift cargo, load, transport and unload broke truck or motor truck.

Technology Parameters:

Dongfeng  Rescue Road Wrecker Truck

Vehicle details


8,495 kg

Kerb Weight

6,600 kg

Overall dimension

8000x2350x3300 (mmxmmxmm)


Cab capacity

3 persons' seat with air condition


Chassis brand


Drive Type

4X2, left hand drive

Fuel Type


Engine Make

Cummins engine

Horse power

140HP (103kw)



Air conditioner


Type of fuel


Emission standard

Euro III


6-speed forward, 1-reverse


Air Brake

No. of axles




Max speed

90 km/h


Automotive metallic paint

Superstructure details

Towing Type

Slide bed with wheel - lift

Platform dimension

6300x2400 mm

Flatbed Payload


Towing capacity


Crane loading capacity


Crane Slewing Angle :360 degree rotation,

RemarkAbove specification is just for reference, please send us your detail request.

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