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Dongfeng Road Sweeper Truck to Chinese Domestic

Dongfeng Road Sweeper Truck to Chinese Domestic
Aug 18 ,2022

Dongfeng Road Sweeper Truck to Chinese Domestic

Road Sweeping Truck

The whole Road Sweeper is mainly composed of the automobile chassis, auxiliary engine, fan, clean water tank, garbage can, left and right sweeping discs, and rear suction nozzles, Sweeping disc dust suppression system, hydraulic system, electronic control system and sub-frame, etc. The auxiliary engine drives the fan .

Dong Sweeping Truck

Adopt unique hydraulic over-pressure forced power-off and flameout protection measures to prevent hydraulic pipes from bursting or hydraulic system damage caused by excessive hydraulic pressure caused by human misoperation.

Road Cleaning Truck

Parameter table of Dongfeng Tianjin road sweeper


Main performance parameters

car model

Dongfeng Tianjin


DFH1180EX8 Class II

Emission Standards



verb: move



Chassis engine

Dongfeng Cummins Engine

Power kw


Displacement ml


Auxiliary engine

Cleaning engine models and manufacturers

B-140 Dongfeng Cummins Engine Co., Ltd.

Power kw


Displacement ml


fuel type

No. 0 light diesel oil (share diesel tank with chassis)




Dimensions (length X width X height) mm



front wheel mm


rear wheel mm


Wheelbase mm


Rated occupant

3 people

Front suspension/rear suspension mm


Minimum ground clearance mm


Curb weight kg


Maximum total mass kg


cleaning system


Between the front and rear axles of the chassis car, four sweeping discs are symmetrically arranged on both sides of the frame, driven by hydraulic motors, and the left and right front sweeping discs can work independently and in linkage.

main components

Sweeping pan bracket, sweeping pan, oil cylinder, oil pipe, connecting rod, adjusting rod, etc.

Sweeping brush diameter



Sweep motor speed



Number of scans


The number of brushes for a single sweeper

twenty two

Sweep inclination adjustment

front sweep

5°~15° forward lean, 5°~10° camber

back scan

Forward 5°~10° Inward 5°~10°

Nozzle device


The suction nozzle is suspended between the rear wheels of the chassis and consists of a suction nozzle, a roller and a suction pipe. The suction nozzle body can follow the movement, and the lifting of the suction nozzle is controlled by an oil cylinder.

Road Sweeping and washing truck

The unique hydraulic oil air cooling technology is adopted to prevent the hydraulic oil temperature from being too high. Hydraulic oil is the main part of the normal operation of the hydraulic equipment in the whole vehicle cleaning operation. Excessive oil temperature will reduce the normal operation of the hydraulic equipment and shorten the life of the hydraulic system. In severe cases, it will affect the normal operation of the hydraulic system and cause the normal cleaning operation to fail. The road sweeping produced by our company The hydraulic oil air cooling technology of the vehicle and the hydraulic oil temperature of the conventional road sweeper drop by about 10 degrees on average, which can better ensure the normal cleaning operation of the road sweeper.

Road Sweeper

The optimally designed rear suction cup obstacle crossing mechanism, compared with conventional road sweepers, can easily cross small obstacles such as speed bumps, preventing the operator from forgetting to lift the rear suction cup and damaging the suction cup mechanism when crossing the obstacle.Dongfeng Road Sweeper

The unique circuit design ensures that the auxiliary engine can be easily started in winter, avoiding the trouble that the conventional road sweeper cannot start the auxiliary engine in winter due to the cold weather.

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