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FOTON 6,000 Liters Septic Vacuum Suction Tank Truck

Spetic tank truck

FOTON 6,000 Liters Septic Vacuum Suction Tank Truck

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Truck Description:

CSC sewage vacuum truck (also known as sewage suction truck, sewer truck, vacuum suction truck, vacuum sewage suction truck, sewage suction tanker truck, sewage tanker truck, sewer drainage truck, sewage sucking truck, sewage pump truck, sludge sucking truck, sewerage truck, septic transport vehicle, septic vacuum vehicle, fecal sludge emptying service truck etc.) mainly used for sucking septic material and sludge from sewer/drain system, transport and discharge to certain location.


1. Tank material: carbon steel or stainless steel.

2. Vacuum pump: Top Chinese brand; imported Italy brand as BPP/JUROP/MORO, Germany brand as SIHI.

3. High efficiency, vacuum rate from 93%- 99%, quick suction and discharge speed.

4. The sewage tanker can be hydraulic lifted and the rear door can be hydraulic opened for complete discharge of solid stuff.

5. Anti-overfill valve, level indicator, sight glass, vacuum gauge, pressure gauge and hand washing box equipped.

Technical Specification:

FOTON 6,000 Liters Septic Vacuum Suction Tank Truck

Vehicle Parameters


Vehicle Brand


Chassis Brand

FOTON - Aumark

Overall Dimension (mm)

Approx.: 7000x1980x2500 mm

Gross Vehicle Weight (kg)

8,500 kg

Curb/Net Weight (kg)

4,500 kg

Chassis Parameters


Seat Capacity

3 seats




Fuel Type


Engine Brand

Cummins Turbo Engine

Power (HP/KW)

141 HP

105 KW

Displacement (ml)

3760 ml

Emission Standard

Euro 2


Drive Type

4x2, Left/Right hand drive

Gear Box

6 forward speed & 1 reverse

Wheelbase (mm)

3800 mm

Tire Specification


Tire No. (pcs)

6+1 pcs

Max Speed (km/h)

95 km/h

Sewage Tanker Structure Parameters

Tank Capacity

6,000 Liters

Tank Material

Carbon Steel

Vacuum Pump

Top Chinese brand or imported Italy/Germany brand, highly efficient, vacuum rate from 93%-99%, quick suction and discharge.

Hydraulic Plant

Hydraulic control valve equipped to lift/descend the tank, and to open/close the rear door.

Inlet & Outlet

4-inch ball valves

Sewage Hose

High quality, strengthened sewage hose


PTO, vacuum pump, primary anti-overflow valve, vacuum gauge, pressure gauge, level indicator, sight glass, inlet, discharge, sewage hose, hand washing box etc.


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