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Foton dump truck with crane

Truck mounted crane

Foton dump truck with crane

The crane truck is composed of frame, boom, boom bracket, slewing mechanism, winch, hydraulic outrigger, hydraulic cylinder and other main parts.

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Truck Description

Truck mounted crane is a special truck equipped with crane, which can not only load and unload goods by itself, but also transport goods. It can not only complete the loading and unloading of its own materials, but also can be used to load and unload the goods for other trucks.


1. The truck mounted crane integrates hoisting and transportation .

2. Truck with loading crane are mostly used in stations, warehouses, docks, construction sites, field rescue and other places.

3. The truck crane can be equipped with cargo box of different lengths and cranes of different tonnage

4.The truck mounted crane can also be equipped with a water tank in the carriage.

Foton Truck With Loading Crane

Truck description

GVW (kg)


Kerb weight (kg)



dimension (mm)







Box dimension(mm)








Number of axles


Allowable Passengers in cab




Wheel base(mm)


Rear Axle




Tire specification

11.00 for option

Crane Description

Max lifting Capacity


Maximum working range (MM)


Maximum working height (MM)


Rotation Angle




Other remark

Above specification is just for reference, please send us your request details.

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