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Foton hook arm garbage truck

Hook Loader Truck

Foton hook arm garbage truck

Hook garbage truck can be equipped with several garbage transfer boxes according to the user's requirements. The transfer box can be used as a simple, beautiful and environment-friendly waste transfer station to maximize the use efficiency of trucks.

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Truck description:

Hook arm garbage truck adopts the newly designed hook arm. Hook garbage truck can be equipped with many large compartments, which is convenient for loading and unloading. It can realize the secondary hoisting of the compartment and save the most labor. It has the advantages of simple structure, stable and convenient operation, high efficiency loading and unloading, and saving manpower.;


1. Hook arm garbage truck has two functions at the same time: automatic unloading of garbage and automatic loading and unloading of box.

2. The pin locking mechanism is set on the turnover frame, and the locking function is realized by the working of the hydraulic cylinder.

3. Hook garbage truck can be equipped with more than one garbage hopper, with dump function, hydraulic operation, convenient dumping.

Truck description

GVW (kg)


Kerb weight (kg)



dimension (mm)








Number of axles


Allowable Passengers in cab


Air conditioner

For option

Wheel base(mm)


Type of fuel




Tire specification

12.00 for option

Garbage box description




Side plate (mm)

4 or changed as request

Bottom plate(mm)

5 or changed as request

Up body description

Upper arm type

Telescopic boom

Transport medium

Domestic garbage

Operation type

Manual and internal electric control operation

Hydraulic Outrigger


Other remark

Above specification is just for reference, please send us your request details.

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