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FOTON Left and Right Hand Drive Negative Pressure Ambulance


FOTON Left and Right Hand Drive Negative Pressure Ambulance

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Truck Description:


Technical Specification:

FOTON Left and Right Hand Drive Negative Pressure Ambulance

Vehicle Parameters


Vehicle Brand


Chassis Brand


Overall Dimension (mm)

5380x1920x2440 mm

Gross Vehicle Weight (kg)

3400 kg

Curb/Net Weight (kg)

2310 kg

Chassis Parameters


Seat Capacity

2/3 seats




Fuel Type

Gasoline / Diesel

Engine Brand

4K22KD4M Engine

Power (HP/KW)

160 HP

118 KW

Displacement (ml)

2378 ml

Emission Standard

Euro 2/3/4/5/6


Drive Type

4x2, Left / Right hand drive

Gear Box

5 forward speed & 1 reverse.

Wheelbase (mm)

3110 mm

Tire Specification


Tire No. (pcs)

4+1 pcs

Max Speed (km/h)

120 km/h

Ambulance Parameters

Type 1

Patient transfer type

Type 2

Patient semi-monitor type

Type 3

Patient transfer & monitor type


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