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Sino 4 axle mini Concrete Cement Mixer Truck 14 CBM

Concrete mixer truck

Sino 4 axle mini Concrete Cement Mixer Truck 14 CBM

We are the professional manufacturer for concrete cement mixer truck, can prodcue 4-18m³. The advantages of mixer truck are reliable, efficient, fuel saving and long service life.
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Truck Description:

CNCSC Concrete Mixer Truck is a construction machine that used for mixing sand, gravel, cement together to construction concrete, It is made of chassis, PTO, mixer drum, reducer, hydraulic system, clear system and operation device etc.


1. Concrete Mixing Vehicle use Sino chassis, quality assurance.

2. America EATON pump and motor, Italy reducer.

3. The whole mixing procedure is mild and no material breaks. That time just need 2-3min.

4. Structure compaction, low noise, stable property, pleasing appearance, no environment pollution.

Technical Specification:

We are able to custom manufacture Concrete Mixers  in a wide range of sizes and capacities as per customers' requirement.

Concrete Mixer Truck 14-16m³

Truck description

GVW (kg)


Kerb weight (kg)



dimension (mm)








Number of axles


Allowable Passengers in cab


Air conditioner

For option

Wheel base(mm)


Type of fuel




Tire specification

12.00R22.5 for option

Tank description


T510 alloy steel


tank (mm)







America EATON pump and motor,Italyreducer.

Mixer volume


Other remark

Above specification is just for reference, please send us your request details.

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CNCSC truck is China leading professional truck manufacturer, we offer you various heavy duty truck, trailer and other series of truck parts. contact us and get a detail on our trucks.
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