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The first batch of 30 fire fighting truck are delivered Haozhou

The first batch of 30 fire fighting truck are delivered Haozhou
Mar 12 ,2021

The first batch of 30 fire fighting truck are delivered Haozhou, Contribute more strength to ensure the safety of Haozhou.

On February 9, 2021, the Haozhou Emergency Management Bureau held a grand fire truck delivery and distribution ceremony at the Management Bureau’s Equipment Center. 30 units water tank fire trucks produced by CRRC Hubei Chusheng Vehicle Co., Ltd., were completed delivery successfully.

At the delivery ceremony, the Haozhou Emergency Management Bureau announced the distribution plan for the first batch of 30 units fire trucks on behalf of the emergency department of the municipal government, and issued handover keys to the full-time fire brigades of 30 towns (streets). There are 79 towns in Haozhou City. The efficiency of fire fighting and rescue has made vehicles a powerful "war tool" in fire fighting and rescue work. The Haozhou Emergency Management Bureau has purchased 60 units water tank fire trucks, and this delivery is the first batch of 30 units. The after-sales technicians of our company gave a comprehensive and detailed on-site explanation and technical training on equipment operation, vehicle maintenance, and precautions at the delivery ceremony.

On the same day, relevant leaders of the Haozhou Emergency Management Bureau attended the delivery ceremony. In their speeches, relevant leaders fully affirmed that the 30 units fire trucks of CRRC Hubei Chusheng will make new contributions to the construction of "Safe Haozhou", and demanded that the towns and streets where the vehicles are in place must be equipped with barracks, operational readiness, and team quality. Work harder. The construction of full-time (part-time) firefighting contingents in all townships must follow the “four requirements” of “having personnel, venues, equipment, and funding guarantees”, and implement each piece to build a full-time (part-time) firefighting contingent in each township. A fire fighting and rescue team, a fire safety inspection team, a fire knowledge propaganda team, and a volunteer team serving the people.

This batch of delivery vehicles are CSC5150GXFSG50/E6 water tank fire trucks, carrying 5 tons of water, and the water tank is made of 304 stainless steel. In addition to PS30 fire monitors and equipment, the vehicle is also equipped with automatic 1.2-meter lifting and falling lights, 360-degree panoramic image, equipped with global positioning system, etc. The truck is scientific in design, reasonable in matching, simple and flexible in operation, rapid in fire fighting operations, stable in operation, safe and reliable, and it is an ideal fire fighting equipment today. The addition of this batch of vehicles has greatly improved the ability of all towns and towns in Haozhou to resist fires, and made a big step forward in the fire fighting capacity of towns and towns in Haozhou, and become a strong security guarantee for the rapid development of the township economy.


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