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Van cargo truck

Van cargo truck

Van cargo truck

Van truck is a truck with an independent closed structure or an integral closed structure connected with the cab, which is equipped with special facilities for carrying personnel, goods or special operations.

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Truck descriptions:

Van truck has the advantages of flexibility, convenient operation, high efficiency, large transportation volume, making full use of space, safety and reliability.Van cargo truck is widely used to transport all kinds of goods, including factories, supermarkets and individuals. It is all-weather, which can be used on all kinds of inter city highways and in urban areas.


1.Good safety and high efficiency, suitable for short distance transportation.

2.The top of the closed van truck is completely closed, with good rain proof function, and a door is set at the back of the car to facilitate loading and unloading of goods

3.Box truck can also transport dangerous chemicals.

Vehicle model

Van cargo truck


Single row/W1800/left rudder

Whole vehicle main dimensions

Overall dimensions (LxWxH)mm


Wheel base(mm)


Whole vehicle main performance

Max. speedkm/h





Emissions standards




Rated Powerkw/rpm


Max torque N.m/rpm





Front axle

Type/Mainreducetion ratio


Rear axle

Type/Mainreducetion ratio



Front suspension/Leaf spring number


Rear suspension/Leaf spring number


The compartments body requirements


Packing case size

Internal: 4170 * 2100 * 2100

Compartments body skeleton

Front upper beam, left and right upper beam for square tube 40*60*2.0mm,

The rear upper beam is a square tube of 100*50*2.0mm

Door frame for square tube 40*30* 1.2mm, 30*30* 1.0mm

Chassis beam

Square tube beam 40*60*2 mm

Plate girder

Square tube beam 100*50*2 mm

The floor core

Pattern steel plate 2.0mm

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