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20T Flat Truck

Flat bed truck

20T Flat Truck

Flat truck is often used to transport construction machinery vehicles, transport bridges, fault vehicles and heavy goods. It has strong transportation capacity and large carrying capacity. With flat lifting function, it can realize the self loading and unloading of goods. 

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Truck Description:

Flat truck use 5-8mm anti-skid pattern bottom plates. Hydraulic telescopic and double spring ladder are optional. Hydraulic ladder or hydraulic folding ladder can be added. The slope is 60mm as standard, which can be selected according to customers' requirements. 


1. Platform carrier truck is widely used in short distance transportation of various bulk goods, reducing transportation cost and improving work efficiency.

2. The slab height of flat truck is low and the loading capacity is large.

3. The flat car is reliable in quality, safe and simple and durable.

4. The flat truck is environmentally friendly and has little pollution.

Flat truck

Truck description

GVW (kg)


Kerb weight (kg)



dimension (mm)







Flat bed dimension(mm)






Number of axles


Allowable Passengers in cab



9 speed

Wheel base(mm)


Real alxe




Tire specification


Flat bed description


Checkered plate





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