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Cleaning and suction truck introduction

Trucks Introduction
Cleaning and suction truck introduction

High pressure cleaning and suction truck introduction:

Cleaning and Vacuum Suction Truck is a new type of vehicle popular in China in recent years, which is the product of responding to the national environmental protection policy.

Vacuum suction truck is also called multi-function suction tuck or Joint Dredging Truck . The special part is composed of PTO, transmission shaft, vacuum sewage pump, water gas separator, multi-way reversing valve, clean water tank, window, vacuum pressure gauge, pipe network system, etc.: it is used for suction of sewage, sewage slurry, mud mixed with suspended debris, small bricks, gravel, etc Etc.: it has the characteristics of high suction efficiency, self suction, self discharge and direct irrigation, and is widely used in large, medium and small town sanitation, municipal administration, chemical industry, factory and mining enterprises, and property communities.

This high-pressure cleaning suction truck integrates the functions of washing, dredging, suction and reverse discharge. It is used for suction, shipment and discharge of various liquid, semi liquid, sludge, excrement, waste water and other media under various ditches. It can also be used for emergency treatment of environmental pollution accidents. This will greatly improve the efficiency of cleaning and suction trucks, and enhance the operation ability.


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