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Chusheng Automobile's X field won the bid for the output value of over 105 million

Chusheng Automobile's X field won the bid for the output value of over 105 million
Apr 25 ,2021

Innovating environmental sanitation and breaking through fire protection, Chusheng Automobile’s X field won the bid for the output value of over 105 million

Hubei Chusheng Automobile Co., Ltd. adheres to the strategy of "4+X" product development and focuses on the business policy of "quality, brand creation, and benefit", and strives to build CRRC Transportation's largest commercial vehicle development and incubation base. To this end, the company has successively established the Sanitation Vehicle Division and the Fire Engine Division to participate in the bidding for environmental sanitation vehicle projects in Urumqi, Yili Kazakh Autonomous Prefecture, Jilin Tonghua, Baicheng, Shannan, Tibet, and Shaoxing River in Zhejiang, and won the bid for nearly 500 units. More than 70 million yuan; participated in the bidding of fire trucks in Shangrao, Shandong, Bozhou, Anhui and other places, and won the bid for 80 sets of more than 35 million yuan. Success in winning bids for multiple projects is a manifestation of Chusheng Automobile’s core competitiveness in the sanitation vehicle and fire fighting truck market, and it also marks another solid step taken by the company in product development in the X segment.

Contribute to the construction of beautiful Xinjiang and accelerate the promotion of waste classification

At present, the main products of Chusheng Company's sanitation trucks are five series (garbage compactor truck series, road washing truck series, municipal truck series, sweeping truck series and garbage station series), with more than 20 kinds of more than 100 models.

Garbage Compactor Truck

Road Wash Sweeper Truck

Help Anhui get through the "last mile" of grassroots fire safety

Starting from improving the fire safety responsibility system and consolidating the foundation of fire safety, Anhui Province vigorously promotes the new model of "one town, one committee, one station" rural grassroots fire prevention and control, and requires the establishment of full-time fire fighting workstations in 98 towns in the city to realize the city's fire fighting and rescue force "Covering to the end, deploying nearby, acting quickly, and controlling the fire in the first battle", Chusheng Automobile participated in the bidding according to the requirements of the Bozhou Emergency Management Bureau and won the bid for 60 sets of this batch of orders.

At present, the main products of Hubei Chusheng Automobile Co., Ltd.'s fire truck series include: dry powder foam combined fire truck, water tank/foam fire truck, emergency rescue fire truck, etc.

Fire Fighting truck


Fire Rescue Truck

With the development of social economy, investment in fire protection and environmental sanitation, and the continuous increase of urbanization rate, the demand for various types and purposes of fire trucks and sanitation vehicles in various regions will also increase steadily. Hubei Chusheng Automobile Co., Ltd. will continue to rely on the advantages of CRRC Urban Transportation Co., Ltd. in brand, technology, resources, etc., to create a growth pole for the specialty automobile industry, and escort China's fire protection and environmental sanitation business.


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