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DONGFENG City Guard Bar Cleaning Truck with 4000 Liters Water Tank

DONGFENG City Guard Bar Cleaning Truck with 4000 Liters Water Tank
Apr 25 ,2021

DONGFENG City Guard Bar Cleaning Truck with 4000 Liters Water Tank

Today I would like to recommend DONGFENG City Guard Bar Cleaning Truck. The truck is highly intelligent and with high pressure cleaning device.

DONGFENG City Guard Bar Cleaning Truck Features:

1. The complete vehicle has legal product announcement and tax free announcement.
2. Truck engine and auxiliary engine are top China brand, easy to make maintenance.
3. The body front has auto telescopic door. The cleaning device is retracted inside the box to avoid exposure and pro-long service life.
4. Great cleaning effect: multi-direction cleaning, no blind spot. Adapting double side, two flush and two cleaning technology, the guard bar clean-ability can reach 90-95%.
5. The auxiliary engine is installed at rear, easy to repair and make maintenance; reducing auxiliary engine noise and improve worker’s comfort.
6. Auto-adjusting cleaning device: the cleaning device can track the guard bar position and adjust the cleaning device position, ensuring guard bar no twisting movement.

7. Strong adaptability and great cleaning effect: multiple devices optional to suit different shape guard bar.

8. The auxiliary engine room adapts forced ventilation system, improving auxiliary engine working efficiency.

9. The cleaning device diameter is over 520mm.

10. The intelligent hydraulic control panel is easy to operate.

11. Multiple brushes optional to suit plastic dipping, steel and stainless steel guard bars with column shape, spare shape etc. More water spray truck for your needs.

12. Special controllable nozzle valve: water spray height and amount can be adjusted as per needs according guard bar height, ensuring adequately pre-wet and cleaning.

13. Water conservation ability: by adapting angel adjustable stainless steel nozzle, the 4 ton water workload can reach similar product with 6 ton water.

14. The telescopic working device monitoring system is optional to improve working safety.

15. Truck front, rear and the cleaning device are equipped with warning lights, ensuring pedestrian and vehicle’s safety.
16. Working light adjustable to suit night working, ensuing visibility and safety.
17. High pressure water pump and water gun equipped for high pressure cleaning work (suitable for road clean and ad board).
18. Standard dual monitoring systems, guard bar cleaning monitor and reverse monitor, improving operator’s comfort and safety.
19. The cleaning operation work can be done within cabin, each operation has interlock device to avoid wrong operation and ensuring the job’s reliability. The integrated control panel has night light and monitors the operating conditions.

20. The cleaning device speed continuous adjustable to clean different dirty status guard bar.

21. The truck water tank adapts high quality stainless steel, ensuring great anti-corrosion and anti-rust ability. The water tank capacity is over 4000 liters, no overload, ensuring working efficiency.

22. The truck adapts hydraulic telescopic boom cleaning device, the main boom and lift and descend, and the cleaning boom and extend and retract to suit old city and corner guard bars.

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