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DONGFENG 6,000 Liters Jetting Suction Truck

Combined jetting vacuum truck

DONGFENG 6,000 Liters Jetting Suction Truck

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Truck Description:

CSC jetting suction truck (also known as combined jet suction truck, combined jetting vacuum truck, sewer jetting and suction truck, sewer cleaning and suction truck, sewerage high pressure jet vacuum truck, mobile sewage cleaning vehicle, sewer jetting machine, jetting vehicle etc.) is mainly used to clear blockage and clean sewage pipes with high pressure jetting nozzle.


1. Tank material: carbon steel or stainless steel.

2. High Pressure Pump: Chinese brand or Germany imported brand as Pratissoli.

3. Vacuum pump: Chinese brand, Italy imported brand as JUROP/BPP/MORO, or Germany brand as SIHI.

4. The sewage tanker can be hydraulic lifted and the rear door can be hydraulic opened for complete discharge.

5. Sandwich PTO or auxiliary engine to drive the vacuum pump.

Technical Specification:

DONGFENG 6,000 Liters Jetting Suction Truck

Vehicle Parameters


Vehicle Brand


Chassis Brand


Overall Dimension (mm)

7200x2360x2950 mm

Gross Vehicle Weight (kg)

10,000 kg

Curb/Net Weight (kg)

4,800 kg

Chassis Parameters


Seat Capacity

3 seats



Other Features



Fuel Type


Engine Brand

Yuchai Turbo Engine

Power (HP/KW)

120 HP

88 KW

Displacement (ml)

2982 ml

Emission Standard

Euro 2


Drive Type

4x2, Left hand drive

Gear Box

6 forward speed & 1 reverse.

Wheelbase (mm)

3800 mm


Air brake

Tire Specification


Tire No. (pcs)


Max Speed (km/h)


Tanker Structure Parameters

Water Tank

Tank Capacity

2,000 Liters

Tank Material

High strength carbon steel, 6mm thick

High Pressure Pump

Germany brand: PINFL

Model: XV32

Pump Flow/Pressure

170 L/Min

25 MPa

250 Bar

Cleaning Hose

Locate at rear door, rotatable for easy cleaning work

Length: 60 Meters; Diameter: 19mm. Hydraulic wind/rewind

With air purge system to drain the water pump and the hose

Cleaning Nozzle

10 pcs

Water Filling

From tank top manhole or side hydrant port


Pressure relief valve, pressure gauge, hand throttle, water filter, hydrant port, three-way valve, level indicator

Sewer Tank

Tank Capacity

4,000 Liters

Tank Material

High strength carbon steel, 6mm thick

Vacuum Pump

Chinese brand or Italy brand

Highly efficient, vacuum rate 93%, quick suction and discharge, suction lift 6 meter.

Inlet & Outlet

4-inch ball valves

Hydraulic Plant

Hydraulic control valve equipped to lift/descend the tank, and to open/close the rear door.

Suction Hose

8 meter strengthened suction hose


Primary anti-overflow valve, vacuum gauge, pressure gauge, level indicator, overfill alarm, inlet, discharge, suction hose, hand washing box etc.


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