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Dongfeng Kingrun 8,000 Liters Combined Jetting Vacuum Truck

Combined Jetting Vacuum Truck

Dongfeng Kingrun 8,000 Liters Combined Jetting Vacuum Truck

Combined jetting vacuum truck is a truck combining the functions of high pressure washing truck and sewage suction truck, designed to pneumatically load fecal, solids, liquids, sludge, crude oil or slurry through suction lines in diameter with 3" being the norm and cleaning the pipe or pit, etc. by using pressure washer.
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Truck Description:

Combined jetting vacuum truck (also combined jet vacuum truck, sewer jetting and vacuum truck, combined jet suction truck, Jetting vacuum suction truck, combined jetting suction truck, Jetting vacuum truck etc.) mainly used for clean and blockage with jetting nozzles moving in sewage pipes under high pressure, and clear sewage lines by means of power.


1: The vehicle is mainly composed of chassis, PTO, water tank assembly, water piping, water filter, high pressure pump, hose reel, cleaning hose, sewage tank system, hydraulic system, hydraulic oil filter, suction hose and other parts.

2: The truck uses high-pressure water pump to generate high-pressure water and guide it to the nozzle through high-pressure hose to clean the sludge in the sewer.

3:The truck also uses vacuum pump to create vacuum in the tank so to suck the sewage; the vacuum pump can also pump air into the tank so to pressure discharge.

Technology Parameter

7,000 Liters Combined Jetting Vacuum Truck Dongfeng

Vehicle details

Vehicle brand




Kerb Weight

11,800 kg

Overall dimension

8310x2450x2970 (mmxmmxmm)


Chassis brand

Dongfeng Kingrun

Engine brand


Air conditioner


Type of fuel


Emission standard

Euro III

Horse power

180 HP (132kw)


5900 cc

Wheelbase/ No. of axles

4700 mm / 2


10.00-20 / (10+1)pcs

Max speed

90 km/h

Superstructure details

Water Tank

Tank Capacity

3,000 Liters (800 Gals)

Tank Material

Carbon steel

High Pressure Pump

Italy Imported brand / 16Mpa

Flow Speed

125 L/min

High Pressure Hose


Suction Head



A cluster of nozzles included

Sewer Tank

Tank Capacity

4,000 Lters (about 1,000 gals)

Tank Material

Carbon steel

Vacuum Pump

Highly efficient, vacuum rate 93%, quick suction and discharge, suction lift 6 m

Rear door can be hydraulic opened for complete discharge of solid stuff

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