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Export Qingling fuel tanker truck to Philippines

Export Qingling fuel tanker truck to Philippines
May 15 ,2020

Export Isuzu fuel tanker truck to Philippines

CNCSC Isuzu fuel tanker truck is exported to the Philippines, which fully complies with local regulations and can be used in Philippines.Cost performance is high, quality is good and the engine does not need to add AdBlue.

The details specifications as follows: Use Isuzu chassis, 98HP Isuzu engine, volume is 5 cubic meter, tank body is carbon steel (also can choose aluminum alloy or stainless steel), equip the Sanjin oil machine( with English), emergency cut-off valve etc.

We can provide necessary documents like commercial invoice, packing list, certificate of engine, FORM E, Bill of lading etc.

Manuals: fuel truck manuals, Isuzu chassis manuals, Fuel Truck Parts Manual,

Fuel Truck Service Manual etc.


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