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ISUZU Aerial Working Truck LHD 14-16m

Aerial platform truck

ISUZU Aerial Working Truck LHD 14-16m

Aerial work truck 18m use a hydraulic or electric system and hydraulic cylinders, can do up and down lifting operations, transport staff and equipment to the site, is a advanced mechanical species equipment. The advantages have operating location is flexible, high safety factor and high reliability.

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Truck Description:

CNCSC Aerial platform truck ISUZU is used in aloft working of electricity, communications, airports, building(repair) ships, advertising, photography municipal administration, street lamp, gardens, transportation and high lifting platform truck 16m is also used in other aerial work areas.


1.High altitude working truck use  ISUZU chassis

2. High aerial cage 16m Max rotation angle:360°

3. Insulated bucket

4. Max operation height:16m

We can produce 8m-24m

Aerial Work Truck ISUZU 16m

Truck description

GVW (kg)


Kerb weight (kg)



dimension (mm)








Number of axles


Allowable Passengers in cab


Air conditioner

For option

Wheel base(mm)


Type of fuel




Tire specification

7.00-16 for option

Working parameter

Max operating height(m)


Max. out reach(m)


Max lifting weight(kg)


Rotating speed


The whole boom outreaching time


Other remark

Above specification is just for reference, please send us your request details.

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ISUZU high altitude truck

aerial cage operating truck 14m

aerial bucket truck 16m

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